February 02, 2008


I havent posted in ages. And now Dauve has become an hero and been IRL b& (ish) I shall pick up the slack and become THE ONLY PERSON LEFT BLOGGING with a mighty hurrah and a lunge into the future. Now it has been a while so forgive me while I bullet point all observations over these last months (in an order of total inconsequentialness) in a random fashion that makes no sense. You may of course query them later.
  • Still at uni
  • Not failed yet
  • Still raping my liver with substances designed for the job
  • Accentuating my previous hilarity over guitar hero
  • Now on the way to being a snappy dresser
  • Still find the word Tuesday to be inherently amusing
  • Still waiting on March to roll around and Nightwish to blast my ears
  • Missing those people I never wanted to miss
  • Still friends with Laura, despite the beatings... (love you too dear)
  • Cunningly name dropped Laura by request, notice that?
  • HAve become a Dimmu Borgir fanslut, basically cos it is made of win
  • On the music front, am worringly suddenly aware of bands with names like Cryptopsy, Ensiferum, Tyr. It's not good I say
  • Developing an unhealthy obsession in b4ta (it's 1 beta...)
  • HAve stopped lurking (lurk moar) on Game Politics
  • Am taking up the role of Healer in WoW.
  • Am in a play that's isn't meant to be funny!
  • Am now a payed up toxophile
  • My room is a fucking tip
  • Am now a lighting designer
  • Am becoming aware I'm doing a history degree...
  • Still a chunky fucker
  • Still swearing, with much delight and relish too
  • Hair still to short
  • Still just a potato
  • ????
  • Profit
Night people :)

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Favourite Song of the Minute: 'Kings of the Carnival Creation' - Dimmu Borgir

November 15, 2007


One more (there's a proper post in the half finished pile, be patient) news item for you. And it's the best. Brace yourself, this one's a good one

October 31, 2007

No Oats

I'm absolutely rubbish at taking notes I have discovered. In fact, Dauve should remember this from GCSE english (unky moe?), but at UKC it seems my ineptitude has taken further hold. Not only do I write nothing usable when out of context, I also (to alleviate boredom) write things that, when coming across them tonight) made me giggle insanely. I present these to you.

During the screening of "The Exception and the Rule" by Brecht

From Laura:
I really don't think she should do her hair like that...
That guy is INSANE
His other plays are better

Me: Patrick Troughton!
Laura: ?
Me: 2nd Doctor Who
Laura: Oh

Ever heard of DVD (a remark on the shocking quality of the video)

Great 'tache!

For one of my Seminars

(Richie need sleep. Fire make cheese)

Artaud and Freud (Artaud and Friends!)

Monkey Sex! LOTS of monkey sex!!!

Well I'm eating at 7ish, aud at 830-9. After that I'm free (I have no idea why I wrote that)

Futurists - audience riots! RARG!! Kill those with brains!

Artaud - our toad. (Ribbit!)

T3h Playgz

Stage Management. We are a doughnut. We are the jam.

Drama students rule!

October 18, 2007

Chard Checks in

I'm in one of those moods. I don't know what kind of mood that is (and no, drunk isn't a mood so much as a 'state') and lord knows I'd rather not have it pinpointed. Though I could get Emma to psych me, but that would give me a needless diagnoses, and then I'd have to act or some shit and you'd worry and life would be better; and who wants that?!

I dunno what it is. I don't feel in anyway depressed (worry ye not, chard is going no further in his chronic emoness), but in the same way I'm not exactly skipping in glee.

Uni, i'd like to immediately qualify, has absolutely nothing to do with this feeling. If anything it's helping alleviate it; the course while strenuous is everything I wanted and more (read: movement classes are slimming me down) and the people and places are absolutely fantastic. I have a great group of friends, both inside and outside of my course, and I'm not having any of those whiny "i want to go home" urges most people seem to be getting(and fiar play to them, maybe they didn't spend ayear getting so fucking bored as I did). It's just wierd.

I'd like to qualify before i get any faux therapy from anyone - I love uni, it's all i wanted and after only 5 weeks i can see it being a fantastic chapter in my life. I guess I am feeling a little bit cheated by all the people hyping it as the 'best years ever' and finding little to support that as yet, but hey thats time. It may get better. Life may bend me over and rape me horribly (such as it's been known to do) but hey if anything else people have seen that I'm flexible enough to kick it in the face as it does so.

I guess if I'm forced to admit it, I do miss the old crowd. I miss those day's in the railway or sheep, all of us getting fucked off our faces and waking up the next morning, only to meet that evening and compare hangover notes. Admittedly i had a year adjustment period where people where gone and I could get used to the idea, but it's still odd. I mean, it wasn't all that long ago (a near as dammit 10th of my life infact). It's just odd without the crowd. In someways better in someways worse. For one thing im slimmer, but damn it im soberer...

Sod it all. I think I'm just pissed off this is the third day in the row I've failed to do my laundry and I'm now out of clothes.

The laundry basket is laughing at me...

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Every book blackwells fucking stocks..
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October 15, 2007

I'm going straight to Hell

I won't bother linking to the story (it's not really that good) but this headline had me laughing into breathlessness:

"Diana car 'may have had a bump'"

'The mangled wreckage and 3 dead occupants? Yeh, I mean, that'll probably just buff right out...'

October 14, 2007

I love Artaud!

Artaud was a nutter. A passage from his seminal work, The Theatre and it's Double (which I have to read for a 9am tomorrow)

Once the plague is established in a city, the regular forms collapse. There is no maintenance of roads and sewers, no army, no police, no municipal administration. Pyres are lit at random to burn the dead, with whatever means are available. Each family wants to have its own. Then wood, space, and flame itself growing rare, there are family feuds around the pyres, soon followed by a general flight, for the corpses are too numerous. The dead already clog .the streets in ragged pyramids gnawed at by animals around the edges. The stench rises in the air like a flame. Entire streets are blocked by the piles of dead. Then the houses open and the delirious victims, their minds crowded with hideous visions, spread howling through the streets. The disease that ferments in their viscera and circulates throughout their entire organism discharges itself in tremendous cerebral explosions. Other victims, without bubos, delirium, pain, or rash, examine themselves proudly in the mirror, in splendid health, as they think, and then fall dead with their shaving mugs in their hands, full of scorn for other victims.

Over the poisonous, thick, bloody streams (color of agony and opium) which gush out of the corpses, strange personages pass, dressed in wax, with noses long as sausages and eyes of glass, mounted on a kind of Japanese sandal made of double wooden tablets, one horizontal, in the form of a sole, the other vertical, to keep them from the contaminated fluids, chanting absurd litanies that cannot prevent them from sinking into the furnace in their turn. These ignorant doctors betray only their fear and their childishness.

Now THAT'S writing!

I should read the news more often..

Another gem from BBC News. I could not stop giggling...

Just got back from Whitstable, and now i have to read a lot, so I can't say much here. Proper post soon. Pwomise...

October 04, 2007

And they say news is no longer relevant

Browsing the respectable news outlets today, this story caught my eye.

I liked the phrase "The study suggested as a woman runs a mile, her breasts bounced 135m."

Ah the world we live in

September 23, 2007

Tales of Cauntbury, a Chardes Tale

'sup homes?

I'm ashamed of every single one of you. You all gave me all this advice about Uni, such things like 'it'll be really fun', and 'you'll meet some great people', and let's not forget the old standard of 'you'll be fine'. I am absolutely ashamed of ALL of you for not actually giving me the biggest warning I might have needed before I arrived:

Eventually, you will fear people with leaflets!

I've been here a week, and somehow I have approaching a hundred menus, society leaflets, course timetables, general timetables and all the like, and that's not even mentioning the 500 sheets of paper I have for my printer. My table is lost under a sea of these things, and I'm not sure whether to sort them out adn chuck the ones I don't need or just keep them all in case I need them (not sure why that would be though).

But in other news, I can report I have settled in fine, Becket Court itself is lovely (shame about some of the people :P ) and my room is bigger than my one back in TMON, which is a touch I know I'm going to miss come home time. I've done a little bit of that wh0le personalisation thing, and (as a true male student should) I am glad to say that my walls are now bedecked with a poster of 80's nostalgia (Thundercats) and a poster of lesbians (vampires in this case, not that annoyingly clich├ęd Tanya Chalkin thing...). And then to level those out I have a print of the Metamorphosis of Narcissus on my noticeboard. Though it must be said I am seriously tempted by this

The people are good, my neighbours are funky and the people doing drama I've met so far seem to be funky (even if I am totally jealous of certain Tyler Court residents and their annoyingly massive kitchens) and hopefully everyone else I encounter along this epic voyage of discovery will remain in this similar vein. Freshers Week is a smidge overrated however me feels, but I think that just may be my channelling a certain spirit of Dauvishness

I'll let you know of things as they happen, depeneding on how much work I get (4 hour practicals! WOO!) but I'll definitely be around. Generals anyone?

Now, who's going to be the first to visit? ;)

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September 04, 2007